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Mythical bro Hgh
Mythical bro Hgh 23 February 2019 05:10
I have an rx 570 8gb and the core clock goes to 300 to 1000. 300 to 1000
Saizo 27 December 2018 14:34
Fuck mining...cause of you,gtx gpu's prices,raised to hell
usasolarwindinc 10 December 2018 19:42
hi have two both doing 30.4 mhz don't over clock cpu over 180 ram 500 no voltage increase.
Egeri Sinimägi
Egeri Sinimägi 14 October 2018 21:12
golwa boy
golwa boy 14 June 2018 22:32
Something wrong with your overclocking or your whole setup I got MSI 1070gtx 8gb managed to get 2ghz by 4660 stable and let me tell ya playing 4K f1 on 28” monitor temp of gpu doesn’t max is 62• cpu got 5960x I don’t pass 40• clocked at 4.4
Snitch Core
Snitch Core 2 April 2018 05:04
This is trash advice for mining. Pumping through tonnes of power for no ethereum hashrate and just causing unecessary damage to the gpu components over time. Additionally of course fan speeds and temps are going to be higher. Find the stable memory clock, then REDUCE the power limit till you find a core speed that doesnt result in lowering the peak hashrate. Most 1070s should lower to 70% on the power limit bar, saving power and therefore money along with the other things I mentioned.......
guwtham gajulapalli
guwtham gajulapalli 26 March 2018 07:21
and one more doubt my gtx 1070 6gpus are mining mode and automatic fan control enabled but gpus's tempatures are going to high level but automatic fan rinning low level speed ex..40% and gpus tempatures 70% and gpus verry heat generated...what i am do... and Dag file-use dag file to incress or decress of gpu's life,is it true so what to do...
guwtham gajulapalli
guwtham gajulapalli 25 March 2018 18:37
i have mining using gtx 1070 6gpus each one 8gb gpu, i am some confussion about my gpus overclocking in afterburner...please help me how to overclock and cool my gpus..
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