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Batman 2099
Batman 2099 1 September 2018 23:50
i got a 1050 and i get 30 cents daily help
RadiatedSilver 26 June 2018 04:01
How long can you run the 1080ti when mining
NikolaUs 19 May 2018 11:20
How many hours does it need to mine 1$ bitcoins with Gtx 1080Ti 11gb?
Osama Channa
Osama Channa 22 March 2018 22:26
How much can i earn with a single 1080ti 11GB??? And does gpu memory matters?
PAUL KING 25 February 2018 09:51
Amazing are good for work in radio man. The best video that I so here so far.thanks
Crypto's n USDs
Crypto's n USDs 21 February 2018 19:21
I like your voice!
LetsTeamPlay 5 February 2018 07:03
Nice Voice 👍 and thy
Lucy Diogo
Lucy Diogo 3 February 2018 23:28
I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info
Crypto Conversations
Crypto Conversations 26 January 2018 10:06
viperanaf 23 January 2018 20:23
sounds like you lose much more money on electric bill...
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz 17 January 2018 05:55
You sound like shadowfrax
ItsMyTime 13 January 2018 05:32
BTW a single 1080 ti makes approx. $7 and you say your have 1080 and 1080 ti in one rig and it's earns $6.51 which means eiither you need to run it for 24 hrs to see the accurate earning or your PC has low power PSU which you need to upgrade so that GPU's get sufficient power to work at at it's optimal level to make you earn more which is real profit.
ItsMyTime 13 January 2018 05:26
I like your video and have a feedback: If you did sound effect on your voice (like using audacity) then really it sounds too bad (too heavy voice I can't listen to it using headphone even for a second) It sounds robotic!but if it's your real voice then hats off it's really great. I usually don't comment like this but I did to help you.
VerseciousGaming 17 December 2017 21:56
how much can i earn with i7 8700k (liquid cooled) and gtx 1080
SUCC ASS 17 December 2017 04:44
have fun with nicehash's recent hack and losing *67,000,000*!
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali 15 December 2017 20:58
Nicehash has been hacked and shut down
GeekyBruce 15 December 2017 08:22
hey i have 1x gtx 1060 which gives 17MH/S so how much will i earn in day???.When i use bitcoin calculator and enter 17MH/S rate its telling me 0$ but when i searched it on google people says nearly 1$ a day with 17MH/s but when i was looking for could mining service it giving only 0.42$ for 150GH/s.I mean how is it possible for 17MH/s i get 1$ but for 150GH/s using cloud mining i get only 0.42$ a day?
Misael Cifuentes
Misael Cifuentes 13 December 2017 22:31
nicehash got hacked. lol
Everything Tech
Everything Tech 13 December 2017 01:29
Question: Can you pause or cancel the mining process at will? Say you are mining for 2 hours and you decide you want to play Battlefield 1 for an hour, can you just stop mining, go playing, stop playing, and resume mining? If you have two seperate cards in your system will the mining software adapt to the slowest card and slow down the fastest card? Or does it just pick the raw speed of both cards and take it? Btw, I only have 1 GTX 1080TI in my system.
Everything Tech
Everything Tech 13 December 2017 01:21
The website of Nicehash is currently down for maintenance of some sort?
Francois Van Der Walt
Francois Van Der Walt 11 December 2017 22:36
What will I earn with a nvidia 1080ti and a 1050??
Oscar Moreno
Oscar Moreno 8 December 2017 22:26
With 2 GTX 1080s with an i7 6700k at 4.7, would it give decent profit? Also, how do you cash out the money?
Whyx Nowx
Whyx Nowx 8 December 2017 21:07
1 gaming PC1 grafics cardEvery 10 minutes I get 25 cents right into my walletunbelievable ;-D= 1000 $ / profit per month (electicity is already paid with 8ct / kwH)
Whyx Nowx
Whyx Nowx 8 December 2017 21:03
DON'T DO ETHERyo guys, at the moment I am making with ONE 1080ti about $ 2,5 an HOURwith Vertcoin!OMGOMGOMGI am going crazy!
Your Local Memeist
Your Local Memeist 7 December 2017 05:02
Rio nicehash they got robbed
Itz Motion
Itz Motion 1 December 2017 22:16
xD I get 0.27 a day
mark angelo Garcia
mark angelo Garcia 29 November 2017 17:06
Oscar P
Oscar P 29 November 2017 02:22
Keep in mind the power consumption guys. Sure, you'll be making 1 dollar or 3 dollars a day, but you'll have to use that money to pay off your electric bills lol. Or if you dont, your parents will. It's like unintentionally stealing money from your parents. There really is no profit gained from mining at home. If you do see profit, it's most likely negligible.
Ahmet Çevik
Ahmet Çevik 25 November 2017 21:44
Pohodacik 007
Pohodacik 007 21 November 2017 23:23
show gpu performane in nicehash benchmark pls
JakeFranklin 18 November 2017 00:41
What’s better? Nicehash wallet, exodus wallet, etc? What’s the best and cheapest fee wallet to use, that is also simple to use.
marius popa
marius popa 17 November 2017 23:45
Wow that car is a DACIA 1300 Romanian production. First brother before LOGAN
Hrithik Soni
Hrithik Soni 13 November 2017 20:39
Will this affect the gpu ?
CUNT DESTROYER 3000 9 November 2017 21:41
How much will a GTX 1050 Ti earn? XD
seven lie
seven lie 6 November 2017 17:05
i like your voice
MyApple ID
MyApple ID 31 October 2017 17:41
Tech you from south africa ?
Pohodacik 007
Pohodacik 007 30 October 2017 08:27
pls make a picture with mining speed this cards
Fome Man
Fome Man 21 October 2017 17:46
nice voice man :D
TheMayorShow 7 October 2017 20:55
Nice video man, i would be so happy if i get to have a good computer one day : )any donations are appreciated guys ! this is my BTC Wallet : 3Gk7RUa46huvzFBu8BrLfyXkheMTFruRXf thank you ^^
Ryze O'Neil
Ryze O'Neil 4 October 2017 06:09
profits a day, does that mean 24 hours ?
Pringle Dealer
Pringle Dealer 11 September 2017 03:30
If I use my gtx 1080I and my Processor do I get higher hash rate
BLACKSAVAGEHD 8 September 2017 00:36
how to send your earning to your bank acc
jorrit strating
jorrit strating 3 September 2017 17:46
Can you convert bit coins into euros?
RDS 28 August 2017 17:20
Dude you have the best radio broadcast voice
Ancros 21 August 2017 08:53
How do you have a 1080 and a 1080TI in SLI? Didn't think that was possible.
CallMeRiki 18 August 2017 08:45
can some one pls help me i did every thing and that but when i put my addres in the place in nicehash it sands the money but it doesnt show it in my wallet pls help
aaron villalta
aaron villalta 16 August 2017 01:05
but when u finish mining the money you have earned does it automatically go to your wallet or do you have to do it manually
MrFraggii 15 August 2017 09:52
what say the watt counter :b
AniX GaminG
AniX GaminG 14 August 2017 00:29
hi there nice video ...i wonder how much can i earn with 6x gtx 1080 ti coz i ordered them
max 12 August 2017 05:32
Hey dude i have a 1050 ti and i dont know a lot about mining... which pool do you recommend... its cheap card, around .55 to .95 usd per day.
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