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Ben 21 June 2018 10:38
You miners should just fuck off
Tech Wiz Master
Tech Wiz Master 9 June 2018 07:13
Charles Braun
Charles Braun 26 April 2018 17:28
I already have one. Do I need a card from you? Fuck no! I would never buy a card from a miner fuck.
Tito 23 February 2018 13:59
ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Advanced Edition Still better in mining or ti titanium what do u think ?
MigWay Inc
MigWay Inc 21 February 2018 20:50
hey what settings do you run your zotac amp minis and extremes im running 74 power197 core697 mem
Propaganda droid
Propaganda droid 16 February 2018 10:45
hi bro, wht mobo for best budget on gpu msi titanium.i have 1 for next i will upgrade for 6
alam usman
alam usman 10 February 2018 10:29
hi dear could u tell me whats the perfect hash rate for now days per day $?
Nuxxy 23 January 2018 00:22
Trying to get one of these for gaming, you know, what they were made for.... But all thats on youtube is mining rig videos lmao
Vinu Varughese Oommen
Vinu Varughese Oommen 22 January 2018 08:35
Hi, were you getting a lot of incorrect shares for this card while mining ether?
Eric Witte
Eric Witte 10 January 2018 01:57
I'm getting 50% higher mining returns on my strix 1070ti compared to the 1060 it replaced.
Dr Owl
Dr Owl 6 January 2018 14:52
Reckon this can go in a black and white build? Or is the silver too silver?
Blu3g4ngst3r 5 January 2018 21:42
Would you do a teardown of the card?
Z 3 January 2018 19:20
Which 1070ti brand would you recommend ? Which EVGA is better FTW or SC 1070i ?
Z 3 January 2018 14:08
So what would you rate the msi titanium? And can you please explain why it didn’t perform well ? Thank you 🙏🏽
Khalid Young
Khalid Young 2 January 2018 06:20
I️ get 545-550 pretty constant , I’m sure you could get 6-7 sols/watt if you turn it down to 20% power but your roi is gonna take that hit
amit lal
amit lal 2 January 2018 02:51
Nice Vid! Especially xls sheet, can I request this for my calculations?
bigGatster 1 January 2018 10:18
Micron is good mang. Hynix is shit.
Moon Marooned
Moon Marooned 29 December 2017 03:14
you didnt show the backplate!
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